Wednesday, 28 November 2007

A Simple Solution to the Bloody Israeli-Arab Conflict

* Rename [and declare] present-day Israel as New Palestine

* Rename [and declare] The State of Israel as

The Hebrew State

* Rename [and declare] the West Bank as

The Arab State

* Declare New Palestine to be a Federative Union

between The Hebrew State and The Arab State

* With Jerusalem as the universal Capital city

* With Tel-Aviv as the Capital City of the Hebrew State

* Ramallah as the Capital City of the Arab State

The End

Meditative Notes


The Truth in Simplicity

The simplicity of a solution to a complex mathematical formula is universally acknowledged as evidence of its truth-value and the beauty of its intellectual vigour.
Frequently, the beauty of simplicity is corrupted through the acquisition of layers and layers of historical dust and grime. People lose sight of the original problem, which is converted fraudulently into a complicated mess, to serve criminal interests.

New emergent evolutionary economic forms

Imperialism – unlike Lenin’s definitional vision of a monolithic structure – is evolving in front of our very eyes into a monstrous multi-genus creature with deadly venomous heads – deliberately mislabeled by US economists (and by now the whole world) – as a harmless-seeming phenomenon called ‘Globalization’ – anything and everything is turned into a money-engendering game, with all its whorish implications. The old adage of ‘Maximizing Profits’ has lost its classical decency, now serving the motif of exorbitant profiteering through lies and planned deception of the masses, placed first and foremost in economic agendas, causing obscene hundred-fold price increases.

Worse, this new economic indecency is given social and societal respectability, corrupting individual morality on the ground – the level of the inhumanly exploited workforce - fattening up the pornographers of the corporate Directorate of a company, who cream off unspeakable profits, un-earnt.

Mafia Capitalism – a new evolutionary form

In the absence of industrial capitalism, service-industries in Western capitalist systems are increasingly using the murderous procedures of the American Mafia, to preserve the new concept of indecent ‘maximal profiteering’ in the global financial markets going – Deliberate Deception (money laundering, loan-sharking, racketeering), drug-dealing (the Petrochemical industries are nowadays unconcerned about human health, interested only in maximizing profits), prostitution (Pornography made respectable – the ‘industry’ is worth probably over 100 billion annually globally ), and ultimately murder (mass-murder of the global poor through warmongering all over the world).

Money out of Hot Air

Massive money-making industries are created through the use of … Hot-air – The huge British Telecom (company) invented and marketed very successfully the vacuous telephone talk-talk – people who have nothing to say, chattering their lives away … generating billions of pounds in hard cash for the fat cats of the company, followed by now the notorious scams of fraudulent telephone-calls perpetrated by all the British Television channels, led by no less than the Establishment BBC!

‘Grade to censor phone-in report – ITV Chairman will give only edited findings after scandal inquiry’, by Simon Fluendy and Jon Ross, First-page article in Financial Mail, October 7, 2007; “ITV chairman Michael Grade will publish a censored version of a report exposing the shocking extent of the broadcaster’s premium-rate phone-in scandal. It reveals that millions of quiz contestants and text voters were cheated. Etc.”

There are now over 50 odd Sky Television Channels in Britain (for example, Sky 906/8 and keep counting) that display nothing else but nude women masturbating blatantly, heavily, continuously, to persuade viewers to chatter to them in hot-air for an English Pound per second …

The Founder-owner is none other than a great bastion of Capitalism, Mr. Rupert Murdoch, friend and adviser to world leaders, owner of The Times, The Sunday Times, and The Sun newspapers - the latter notorious for its daily publication of Page 3 Nude Girls.

In London, a travel card named Oyster, promising discounted travel to underground and bus users skinned alive every day by exorbitant London Transport prices is simultaneously ripping them off through crude and frequently faulty machinery … If caught, they refund you after forcing you to fill a booklet of questionnaires. Most people don’t bother – tourists won’t even know they’re over-super-charged!

We then have the hot-air of religious fundamentalism of both American Christian and Pakistani Muslim kinds, fanning the murderous passions of the human animal, which in Darwinian evolution serve as a mechanism of survival in climatically harsh environments, but which in a civilized civil society need to be transformed into civilized creativity.

Imperialist Globalization is reversing that natural Darwinian human evolution towards civil society, back into unrestrained barbarism of the Jungle.

Millions of people killed for Hot Air

The Rulers of ancient mankind were attempting to humanize and civilize themselves – nowadays, they are attempting to de-humanize and criminalize themselves in pursuit of financial Dung, called Money.

Hence the fraudulent invention of many socio-political problems and their endless complication merely to generate income for hosts of parasites called post-modern ‘politicians’, who like leeches live by sucking the blood of millions. Their every word is predictable, and a grand lie.

They could have been laughed off as Renaissance Machiavellian theatrical fools, if only the policies they supported were not murderous, literally killing millions of poor innocent people, not only in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Burma … but everywhere else in this beautiful world turned wretched and miserable.

Why are there thousands of women-and-children in Iraqi Prisons?

Why are there Palestinian Arab women and children in Israeli prisons?

In Guantanamo Bay, the American military torture randomly picked people from ... anywhere in the world, oblivious to all rules of humane behaviour?

Western Democracies turned Fascist

The great Democracies achieved in Britain and America are not god or government-given, but achieved through hard won battles for centuries by the ordinary folks unsung in official history, often massacred by their own governments.

We are now in Britain and America (and Israel) sleep-walking into the Fascist state.
See the reference on of a Guardian article where US Bush-a-mites plan to fingerprint and biometrize and STEAL the credit-card and bank-details of EVERY VISITOR to America ... while EVERY telephone call whether on landline or mobiles and every e-mail written in Britain shall be made available to the Police in the United Kingdom.

We have sunk to this lowest point in Bushite America and Brownite Britain and Sharonite Israel.

Alexander the Great’s Old hat of World-domination

The factual observations above prove yet again, what Professor Noam Chomsky has recently diagnosed as the US governments' attempt at world-domination, and what the Sino-Soviet Communists knew all along, while fighting against it.

The Soviets collapsed, and the globalized Chinese are allowing the US fools to do their barbaric worst to the rest of the world. I hope, the Chinese come to their senses soon, and put the American jungle-men where they belong - in the Dustbin of History - before it becomes too late ... enabling the American Cons to succeed in destroying the world, choking in carbon dioxide life itself on this heavenly planet.

The Nazi practices of post-modern American Governments

Few historians have understood the continuity (the existence of a direct link)between the Nazi inhumanity and the stratagems used in modern American warfare. The Nazi SS torturers (with their inhuman 'scientists' like Werner von Braun - the impotent father of US Rocketry) were given haven and CIA employment in the USA - to train the US army in torture techniques, and the murder of innocent people, constituted as obscene 'educational material' for the curriculum of the School of Americas (SOA) based at a US army base in Georgia, Fort Benning – dubbed by a major Panamanian newspaper The School of Assassins – the porno-graduates of which – more than 60,000 of them over decades – were dispatched to all over South America (Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, Peru etc.) to practice their Nazi defecation.

[Visit for literally endless Crimes against Humanity committed by American governments since the Second World War – there has been no clean US government since President Woodrow Wilson ended Euro-imperialism].

During the Korean war, according to newly released public-record documents [], the US Generals stationed in Japan had ordered US aircraft to shoot from the air randomly on a million traumatized approaching refugees” … On July 25, 1950, for example, air-fire was opened randomly on a thousand sitting ducks “atop a railroad embankment near No Gun Ri, a village in central South Korea” [].

The same murderous idiocy was precisely replicated in our own days by that appropriately named Nazi Blackhead, General Schwarzkopf, who simply sprayed dead thousands of pathetic Iraqi soldiers deserting the Gulf in droves, and without shoes ... and was honoured and bemedalled for it.

My Lai in Vietnam - Abu Ghraib in Baghdad – US instigated Israeli Wars on the Lebanon – they are all crude Nazi atrocities refined by post-modern American military blockheads.

Amnesty International reports [Enduring Occupation, Palestinians under siege in the West Bank, June 2007, page 6] citing the most famous Israeli Daily the following unforgivable Nazi atrocity;

On 19 December 2006, 14-year-old Dua’a Nasser Abdelkader was shot dead by Israeli soldiers as she was playing near the fence/wall with her 12-year-old friend in Far’un village, south of Tulkarem. There is nothing to indicate that the two schoolgirls could have posed a threat to the Israeli soldiers, who shot at them from a nearby fortified watchtower. Israeli media reports of the Israeli army investigation into the incident stated that a soldier had admitted to shooting at the schoolgirls as they were running away from the fence. The platoon commander was dismissed from his post and reprimanded, and the military police reportedly opened an investigation. To date, none of the soldiers involved is known to have been brought to justice.”

I mourn the unendurable death of the innocent little girl, and the Nazification of the Sharonite Israeli State! The same state that shamelessly denies still (even after official protests from distinguished Israeli scholars) the genocide of the Armenians by the Ottoman Turks in 1915, upon which the Holocaust of the Jews by the Nazis was modelled – Rudolf Höss, the Commandant of Auschwitz, was one of about 2000 young German officers who served in Turkey and participated in the genocide of the Armenian people, before evolving into the monsters of the Nazi hierarchy during the Second World War.

Theodor Herzl must be spinning in his grave in utter shame and disgrace. If he were alive today, he would have congratulated Professor Vahakn N. Dadrian for digging up the facts of the continuity between the proto-Nazi genocide of the Armenians and the kosher-Nazi Holocaust of the Jews [vide, German Responsibility in the Armenian Genocide, Blue Crane Books, 1997].

Arab Origins

The Israeli-Arab wars constitute one of those money-machines making blood-sausages for the delectation of the American imperialists, constructed from the simplest of the historical facts – the Cain & Abel Biblical paradigm that illustrates ancient mankind’s experimentation from a farming (vegetarian) economy to meat-eating practices.

The greatest simplest historical fact of them all – that Arabs and Jews are step-brothers (not Cousins, as mistakenly propagated) is deliberately obfuscated and thrown into History’s garbage bin, wherefrom it must be reclaimed to be used as the corner-stone of a simple solution for peace.

According to the absolute facts of the Old Testament, the Jewish Torah itself, Abraham (acknowledged as a Prophet in the Arabic Koran) fathered Ishmael (the progenitor of the Arabs) first – his mother, a maid servant of Abraham called Hagar, was brought into his bed for sexual intercourse by Abraham’s very own first wife, Sarah, who was too old for child-bearing.

Thirteen years later, a divine miracle happened; Sarah in her nineties conceived Yits-khaak (Isaac – the progenitor of the Jews). Sarah was driven mad by sexual jealousy, of Hagar. She forced Abraham to send Hagar packing, with her 13 years old, into the Desert. It was yet another miracle of Abraham’s God Jehovah that Ishmael survived to procreate the Arabs.

The incontrovertible ancient historical fact is that Arabs and Jews are blood-brothers, of the same sperm (Abraham's), with Arabs being the older by a symbolic 13 years that can represent any time-period from 13 to 1,300 years … Thus, the Arabs, by the very given of the Old Testament, are the elder borthers of the Jews.

However stubbornly some scholars may insist on the contrary, the incontrovertible historical fact remains, that classical (Old Testament) Hebrew is a dialect of the classical (Koran) Arabic, although, the Koran, however stubbornly some scholars may insist on the contrary, is derived from the Old and the New Testaments.

The Hebrew (in the Old Testament) has even preserved the 'modern' Egyptian dialectal phoneme of g [as in "go"] instead of the classical Arabic j [as in "jam"] in the pronounciation of Hagar's name, which as a word, means stone, rock. I was puzzled by the historical siginifcance of Hagar's name for several years, until my dear sister, Arsineh Attarian [her blog at] pointed out to me that Rock has always implied in Middle Eastern cultures a sturdy, unbreakable foudation-stone upon which a system is constructed.

It was the golden key that suddenly opened other enlightening intellectual avenues - especially an apt metaphor to contrast and highlight with the sandy, desert environment where these religions arose. Hagar=Rock instantly connects with the other great metaphor in the New Testament Greek - St. Peter's name meaning Rock, upon which the Church of Jesus Christ is built (at least as The Vatican claims it).

In the Old Testament text, Abraham's sudden decision to kill his own child Isaac is shocking even today acclimatized to such US violence - it is inexplicable, hysterical and mad - of course (with all due respect) I cannot subscribe to the religious exegesis that it is to emphasize Abraham's dedication to his God, which only disgraces Him for expecting such inhumanity. No, I can never condone such fascist nonsense.

The true explanation may be fossilized in Hagar's name thus; if she was Abraham's favourite St. Peter=the Rock of his new faith (of Monotheism) , and Sara knew this to have condoned it in her initial kindness by inisiting on their sexual union, then Abraham could not forgive himself for having listened to Sara's later 'order' to dispatch Hagar with her-and-his child Ishamel into the desert, even after a decade ... And in a moment of utter depression and madness, he decided to avenge himself on Sara's and his child Isaac - and thank god, to his great credit, Abraham could recover from his genocidal madness just in time not to commit such a horror - a paradigm for the Middle Easterners, and their American masters, nay, the whole world to learn from!

In modern Israel, there are now Jewish Arabs, as there were Arabic Jews throughout the Arabian Peninsula during its millennial history. In my own lifetime in Arab countries, I have witnessed Arabs and Jews living together perfectly peacefully, even today, in Morocco, for example.

Today, the Holiest of the Jewish elders - Neturei Karta Inernational (the Jehovah Witnesses of Judaism) acknowledge that "Zionism is a rejection of Judaism and its demise is the only path to true peace". Wise words indeed by Rabbi Dovid Weiss pronounced at the NGO Forum of the United Naions World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa - 28th August 2oo1 []. It is impossible to resist wishing to quote endlesly from the Rabbi's healing words - here are some more;

"This obsession with wars, terror and counter terror, the subjugation of the Palestinians, reparations and claims upon all nations and ever wilder charges of anti-semitism provide an inviting subsitute religion for many jews ... ignorant of the Torah ... the claim of Israel to repersent world Jewry links all of our people to the state's acts of violence against the Palestinian people. This is a frustrating and embarrassing lie. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many Jews in the Holy Land and around the world are greatly pained and anguished by the suffering and persectution of the Palestinian people. Of course, our hears bleed whenever innocent Jews suffer. But, this need not blind a moral people to the similar sufferings of the other. This is precisely the point - Zionism is a recipe for endless suffering among both Jews and Palestinians".

Yet another British imperialist Cock-up

The simple historical truthful fact – better, the factual truth – is that the British imperialist governments engineered the Arab-Israeli conflict to perpetuate their domination of the area under different inevitable evolutionary socio-economic changes, now taken over by their American imperialist Brethren.

Arabs and Jews are made to cock-fight to the death, only and only and exclusively, to satisfy the gladiatorial Romanesque blood-lust of British and American imperialist hyenas. Their murderous warmongering keeps the capitalist economies of Anglo-America (and their client states), oiled with oil and military nuclear hardware.

What's in a Name

Everything, and nothing really – the Founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, was a most civilized cultured man, poet and playwright. He did not call Israel, Israel, but The Jewish State.

Israel (my own father’s very name) was another name for the Patriarch Jacob. To adopt an individual’s name for a country is silly in the extreme for several reasons;

(1) No historical human figure deserves such an honour. Individuals are most imperfect. The godliest of the lot, would possess enough wisdom to insist against such an act.

(2) It is extremely unfair on other benefactors of the same culture.

(3) Where could you place Moses, who spoke with ... God Himself, and wrote the most sacred Torah (the Pentateuch). What did Jacob achieve comparable to that? – wrestling all day with an Angel …

(4) No wonder, a man of Herzl’s superlative intelligence did not use it for the State he created by his Book!

My own PPPP (Professor Pilikian's Peace Plan)-proposition to label the Jewish State as a Hebrew one is even more historically precise than both of the appellations of “Israel” or “Jewish”.

Hebrew derives linguistically from kha-bi-ru = wonderers, and all its cognate extensions, like nomads, travelers-with-oxen-carts etc.

The derivational meaning of the word Arab is equally controversial, but un-controversially cognate with the above, if one takes the Arabic word Arab-ah which means nothing else but the ox-drawn cart!

Thus, my PPPP-choice for the names of the proposed states, built on impeccable scholarship, based on uncontroversial scholarly facts, dissolves all national hatreds into a permanent peace (= shalom in Judaism = salaam in Islam is the highest human ideal to be strived for by every indivdual, let alone nations) by unravelling the absolute historical common ground of both ethnic groups to be the same.

Jews and Arabs alike, alas, alack, have been dying in their tens of thousands in vain, for nothing, for capitalist hot air, for the Roman blood-lust of their imperialist masters. Woe is to the united nations all for tolerating such inhumanity.

Realpolitik = Dirty Politics = Genocidal Policies

Humane Politicians in the West can be counted on the fingers of one hand – immediately, I can think of only Tony Benn, Nelson Mandela, and Al Gore. When in power, they are castrated by the Dark Forces continuously attempting to globalize themselves. Her Majesty, the Queen of England once referred to this (a few years ago) in the British news media.

Its first definition seems to have occurred in (British) Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) documents conspiring to murder... Rasputin – the lunatic Russian monk who had gained inordinate influence over Tsar Nikolaus and his spouse, but also persuading them successfully to end the First World War.

John Callum, a distinguished Scotland Yard Detective, now retired and training the Russian Police, has dug up the facts after almost a hundred years that, John Scale – the head of SIS in Moscow – had ordered his agent Oswald Rayner to appear from nowhere in the dark street overlooking the Neva River in St. Petersburg, and put the third fatal bullet through the head of the already shot monk bleeding in the street [A documentary, Lion Productions, shown on The History Channel].

In an extraordinary perversion of lingusitic logic, Rasputin, the peace-monger, was labelled by the British Secret Service as the "Dark Forces", not his war-mongering murderers.

A Nostradamus-ean Prediction

The Realpolitik of the gutter suggests that my above defined Peace Plan (PPPP) shall never be realized. It aught to be, but it shall never be.

What the next decades will bring, assuming that the world shall survive the Climate Change (still ignored by inhuman governments despite several dire United Nations warnings) that the Wall-in-Israel shall make life so unendurable for the Palestinian Arabs that they shall ‘happily’ want to leave their land and never want to return ever again to their god-forsaken country - precisely the purpose of the Wall.

Walls that go up can easily be broken down by their builders. With the Dead Sea as its natural boundary, Israel shall then remove all its walls.

Hopefully, the ultra-Zionist Ben-Gurionists shall be gratified by a compact country with reasonable and natural boundaries –securely placed between the Mediterranean and the Dead Seas – rather than greedily go after the further racist fantasy of the Greater Israel that needs gobbling up Jordan too …

Were it not for the dirty politics and genocidal policies of Anglo-American Realpolitik soaked in blood, the Palestinian Arabs would have happily shared their homeland with their Jewish step-brothers that includes the Yemenite Arabs (the Mizrakhim), and not only the Ashkenazim (the European Jews), as they used to in olden times, before the British imperialists messed them up.


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